Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Week 2 - Changes in the CCM

Hello everyone, Elder Moore here. It was a fun week in the CCM!

Let me first talk about the food. Well, the food here is really good, we have eaten pizza, hamburgers, and a lot of fruits and fruit juices. One of the fruits we eat is super strange we’ve never seen it before so we named it alien fruit. It has a hard shell and has a bunch of seeds on it and you are supposed to suck on the seeds and spit them out. I normally wouldn’t have eaten this at home but it's alright a little. Another thing I have figured out is that the CCM has an infinite amount of rice and raisins. We still eat a lot of beans but nowhere near as much as we do rice and raisins. We have rice with all of our meals, and raisins they always find some way to mix in the food. They will mix it in with the rice, and one day we had pizza, I think they ran out of stuff for regular pizza so they started making fruit pizza and put raisins on it. I made sure to get the regular pizza before it ran out.

Well, some changes happened this week. I had been in a trio with E. Dumas and E. Justice, but I got switched because E. Sperry, who was companions with E. Macdonald, broke his foot while playing basketball during physical activity time. So now I’m companions with E. Macdonald. He is from Utah and did wrestling also (132 lbs) and he’s super cool. We get along really great! We were hanging out a lot before we were companions so I hope no one thinks we had anything to do with E. Sperry’s injury. When I was in the trio we were in a room with 7 others but it was honestly pretty big and was a nice room. When I got changed to be companions with E. Macdonald I had to change rooms and it’s smaller than the room I was in but still, has the same amount of people. It’s still really fun though because it is just us two and the other 6 are all from South America. They are all pretty crazy, but we get along really good.

On Saturday we went out with a missionary from the Bogota South mission who has been out for 20 months he is a really good missionary. He found like 10,000 pesos on the street and decided to go turn it into a store. Then we found this guy who the missionaries had been teaching and was going to get baptized, but then started working a ton and the missionaries lost contact with him. We were talking to him again in his home. His home was similar to the homes in Brazil. We talked with him and he talked about having to work a lot and missing church and that he still wants to get baptized so we helped him recommit to get baptized and go to church. It was really cool. One thing that was sort of hard was that we were fasting while we were out visiting people and there were a bunch of street vendors with really good food that they were selling but we couldn’t buy anything. It was really fun and I learned a lot, I really am excited to get out of the CCM and start teaching people.

I love Sundays, they are always really good and spiritual I enjoy the time we have to take the sacrament and hear all of the talks. During the week we have physical activity time for 1 hour and there's a bunch of different things we can do: soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, lifting weights, but my favorite has been four square. We have some pretty intense four-square games and sometimes the ball bounces over the wall of the CCM and then we ask people on the street for help to throw the ball over.

I’m learning a lot and am happy that I am out here. I really am enjoying this time in the CCM, but can’t wait to get out there and even if I have to learn by hard knocks for a little bit it is well worth it.

Love you,
Elder Moore

My new companion E. Macdonald

My new companion E. Macdonald

My new companion E. Macdonald

My District

Mean Game of Four-Square

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week 01 - MTC or CCM

The Mission Training Center (MTC) or in Spanish CCM is awesome. I know it's only been a week but I love it here. So since we got here late I ended up in a trio with two other companions. The first one is E. Justice from Utah, and my other companion who is about the same size as me is E. Dumas from Indiana. E. Dumas is also going to Medellin. We get along great and we have a good group of missionaries in our district. One that is really cool is E. MacDonald who is also going to Medellin. We talked a lot on our way to the Bogota Temple and we will get along really well. E. Wright, the one from Arizona who I was with while we flew here is also going to Medellin, he reminds me of a lot of JT the way he talks and acts. My teachers are like MVPs they are so good, it's hard to describe but they are awesome. The temple here is awesome, it's probably my favorite temple, the bad news is it is going to be getting cleaned so it will be closed for a couple of weeks and we won't be able to go. Sunday was way cool, the CCM president spoke and the spirit was really strong. They ask all of the missionaries to write talks then they pick 4 of them to talk, kind of reminds me of the "Hunger Games." I didn't get picked they picked missionaries that were here for longer (the 3 weekers) and they all did really well.

So the language is going ok, I am doing mas o menos on the language. I understand most of the words and the conversations, it's just hard for me to say the words. I know what they are I just have a hard time saying them.The food is good, we have eaten pizza (although they put too much yeast), hamburgers, soups, and of course beans and rice. We have lots of fruits and fruit juice. We are the newbies, there is another group that has been here longer. So we wake up at 6:30 am, but I try to wake up at 6 am so I can do some pushups and situps because I feel like I'm getting fat because we are sitting all day in a class. It's not that cold here, it's like an Arizona Winter. We get to play volleyball, basketball, and soccer during exercise time. We also play four square and ping pong which is fun. I have found that reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish is way different, and you learn a lot of different things that I didn't know before.

Os Amo,

Elder Justin Moore

Email in the CCM, Elder Moore's Companion are to his right E. Justice and E. Dumas

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Mission Begins

On July 16 we had Justin's farewell talk and open house. It was a good talk about the "Courage to Serve a Mission". That afternoon at his open house his family, friends, members from church and wrestling coaches came by to say their good byes.

On July 25th  we headed to the airport to drop Elder Moore off and say our good byes. There were 7 other missionaries and their families there saying their good byes and waiting to get on the Delta flight to Atlanta. Three were headed to Ghana, three to Colombia, and one to Peru. Elder Moore's mission started with a bit of excitement, they only had 50 minutes layover in Atlanta so the transfer to their flight to Colombia was going to be tight. As they arrived in Atlanta there was bad weather so the plane went into a holding pattern after 20 + minutes in the holding pattern they ended up getting diverted to Tennessee. After spending a few hours in Tennessee they ended up boarding again and flying back to Atlanta. Since their flight to Bogota had already left they spent the night in a Hotel and then the next day they went and caught their flight to Bogota. They arrived a day late at night, and we received a quick email from Elder Moore on Thursday morning letting us know he made it to the CCM.

Elder Moore's Last Sunday at Church in AZ

Saying Bye to Elder Moore at the Airport

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane, I'll be back again in 2 years

Elder Wright from Mesa, AZ going to the same mission as Elder Moore

Plane headed to Atlanta

Arizona missionaries stuck in Tennessee